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CoughAssist E70 In(ex)-Sufflator

CoughAssist E70 In(ex)-Sufflator

 Product Summary  E70 Technical Specification  Purchase and Hire Options 

Used by Respiratory Specialists throughout the UK (and well beyond) CoughAssist is a non invasive alternative to managing airway secretion clearance for patients without the physical ability to cough clear these secretions for themselves.

CoughAssist is a highly effective device capable of delivering a significant improvement to the patient's comfort and quality of life. By keeping the airways clear the risk of infection (frequently leading to hospitalisation) can be dramatically reduced.

CoughAssist E70 is the most up to date device of its type available and ahead of its rivals in terms of technology, features and design. It replaces the Philips Respironics "CoughAssist" already so well established and until now probably the most effective In / Ex-Sufflator available Worldwide.

CoughAssist therapy clears airways for longer periods of time than traditional Tracheal suctioning and with fewer complications. Invasive suction methods can be extremely uncomfortable and even distressing for the patient and can lead to complications such as hypoxia, tissue damage and infection.

The basic principle is that CoughAssist oscillates between applying positive then negative air pressure to the patient's airway in a repetitive pattern. This replicates the body's natural action of mobilising bronchopulmonary secretions.

The pressurised air is supplied to the patient via a flexible tube incorporating a bacterial filter and can be use with a facemask or mouthpiece and can also be attached to a tracheostamy or endotracheal tube.

The E70 is lightweight and fully portable. It can be run directly from a mains supply or its optional rechargeable battery pack which under normal circumstances will provide a full day's therapy.

Typical patients benefitting from CoughAssist include those suffering from:

- Spinal Muscular Atrophy
- Muscular Dystrophy
- Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
- Myasthenia Gravis
- Post - Polio
- Spinal Cord Injuries

CoughAssist Benefits include:

- Removes secretions from the lungs
- Reduces the risk of respiritory infection and resulting hospitalisation
- Safe Non Invasive alternative to suctioning
- Easy for patients and carers to operate.
- Can significantly improve patient comfort and quality of life

Approved for home use by both adults and children

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