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Online Catalogue | Pelvic Floor Health >  Neen Pericalm Pelvic Stimulator

Neen Pericalm Pelvic Floor Stimulator

Neen Pericalm Pelvic Floor Stimulator
Please select VAT FREE or VAT Payable. To purchase VAT Free please complete a VAT Exemption Form.
Add your Vaginal Electrode. Either Bodyclock:
or Neen Periform (recommended)
Add an optional anal electrode to use in conjunction with your vaginal probe to maximise effectiveness.
Add a pack of 4 x self adhesive electrodes if you require external stimulation.


From (VAT free) 75.00
(VAT Inclusive : 90.00)


 Description  Technical Specification  The Importance of Your Pelvic Floor Health  About VAT Exemption 

Neen, the longest established and most trusted brand in this field, tell us that this is the most popular device in their range of Pelvic Floor Muscle Stimulators.

The Pericalm is one of a new breed of modern neuromuscular stimulators. It is a digital, dual channel unit designed for the treatment of Stress or Urge Urinary Incontinence or a combination of both.

Pericalm can also be used for a general pelvic floor workout (keeps your muscles in trim and helps to increase sexual sensitivity), for pain relief (including period pain) and it has three customisable programs so users can set their own parameters.

Pericalm has to be used in conjunction with either an (internal) Vaginal Electrode (Vaginal Probe), an (internal) Anal Electrode (Probe) or (external) skin electrodes. Neen do not include these in their standard package so your choice must be added or purchased separately.

The most common method of application is with a Vaginal Electrode. Stimulating your Pelvic Floor Muscles using skin electrodes can be frustratingly difficult!

The preset programmes are as follows:

"PR" for Pain Relief (standard TeNS programme)
"STR1" for Stress Incontinence
"STR2" an alternative for Stress Incontinence
"URG" for Urge Incontinence
"FURG" for Frequency / Urge Incontinence
"PFW" for general Pelvic Floor Workout and to help enhance (sexual) sensitivity.


"MEM1" a User customisable program.
"MEM2" a 2nd User customisable program.
"MEM3" a 3rd User customisable program.

Your Package includes:

1 x Pericalm Unit
2 x Lead Wires
1 x Battery (PP3)
1 x Instuction Manual
1 x Protective Storage Case

Remember - Neen's basic package doesn't include a Vaginal Probe. If you do not already have your own please choose one by ticking the appropriate box above.

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