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MICROSAFE® Collection and Dispensing Tubes

MICROSAFE®  Collection and Dispensing Tubes



 Product Details  Here's How It Works  Technical Specification  UK Availability 
MICROSAFE Collection and Dispensing Tubes

MICROSAFE collection and dispensing tubes allow for blood sample collection and dispensing from a single plastic tube.

Each tube fills easily to a preset volume using capillary action. No aspiration. No air bubbles. No wasted samples.

Dispense the sample easily by pinching the unfilled portion of the tube. There are no bulbs, dispensers or other mechanical devices necessary.

MICROSAFE Collection and Dispensing Tubes are perfect for finger-stick sampling.

Available in volumes from 5 to 80 microliters. So you can be sure theres a tube available in the exact size youre looking for.

We are the UK's exclusive Distributors
Please contact us for further details

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