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Online Catalogue | Respiratory Products and Services. > Mucus Clearance >  Threshold PEP (Philips Respironics)

Threshold PEP

Threshold PEP
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The Threshold PEP is a cost effective device used for airway clearance, bronchial hygiene, or as an alternative to chest physical therapy.

Threshold PEP incorporates a one-way valve with adjustable specific pressure settings. When you exhale through Threshold PEP, the pressure created helps to open your airways loosening mucus which can then be expelled during "huff" coughing (forced expiratory technique).

Main Features:

- Flow independant one-way valve
- Constant pressure regardless of patient's airflow
- Easy to set, adjustable pressure
- Can be used / held in any position
- Can be used with mouthpiece or mask
- Easy to clean

This is how it helps:

** Loosens and helps prevent accumulation of mucus.
** Promotes effective breathing patterns
** Improves central and periferal airway function
** Optimises effectiveness of nebulizer drug delivery

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